''Meeting with Media''

''Meeting with Media''

EX.PO AUS project & Pilot Project of Butrint

''Meeting with Media'' ''Meeting with Media'' ''Meeting with Media'' ''Meeting with Media'' ''Meeting with Media'' ''Meeting with Media''

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      On the 29th and 30th of September, the Office of Administration and Coordination of Butrint National Park organized the event “Meeting with the Media” in the context of promoting EX.POAUS project and specifically its Pilot Project in Butrint involving Ali Pasha Castle.  Journalists and reporters of local and national media were invited and promotional materials with project logo were distributed to all participants. A presentation of  the 12 UNESCO sites located on the Adriatic region, which are partners in the project, was made by Mr. Gjergji Mano, the new director of the Park, as a pre-promotion and introduction to the inter – Adriatic   tourist package “ UNESCO SITES OF THE ADRIATIC SEA”, which is the final  action of the project. The presentation was followed by questions and discussions from the participating journalists and then an overview of EX.PO AUS project’s organization, focus and aims was given by the project assistant, Ms. Eni Bullaj. On the 30th, the participants were guided to the main site and then they were taken on a boat tour to Ali Pasha Castle, where they were introduced  to the Pilot Project as part of EX.PO AUS project goals. The event has been published in national and local TVs and newspapers.